Laptop donations

Laptop Donations: We would love to accept any working laptops with a power cable.

Coronavirus has many vulnerable families and young people excluded from education, and social support due to a lack of suitable equipment at home. We can’t solve the whole of this problem but we are actively working to address it regionally.

Assyst Media is working with a number of partners across Leicester to provide re-conditioned laptops to vulnerable families. If you have a laptop that is no longer needed, there may be a family that would greatly value it for online schooling and access to social support, etc.

We are very grateful to everyone that has donated a laptop so far, if you'd like to join them to support families in your area we would love to accept any working laptops in good condition with a power lead.

How to donate

You can donate your laptop following the COVID-safe procedure below:

  • Please ensure the laptop is fully turned off (not in sleep mode),

  • Place the laptop in a clear plastic bag.

  • Place the laptop at the doorstep of one of the drop off locations below and ring the bell/knock on the door

  • Wait 2 meters from the door until the door is answered and the donation taken inside

Where to donate


  • Gingerbread Cottage Playgroup
    C/O Launde Primary School, New Street, Oadby, Leicester, Le2 4LJ

  • Gingerbread 2 Nursery
    Launde House Harborough Road, Oadby, Leicester, LE2 4LE

  • Gingerbread Nook
    20 Main Street, Glenfield , Leicester, LE3 8DG

  • Gingerbread Mews
    220 Fosse Road South , Leicester , LE3 0FU



If you’re not in the Leicestershire area, feel free to contact us as we may be able to support you locally.


What to donate

Any working Windows laptop with its power cable. Generally, if it has a webcam, we can re-purpose it for supporting a young person’s education.

A completed donation form. You can download a donation form here. This form is important as it confirms that you have donated the equipment and that we are allowed to re-purpose it and donate onward to disadvantaged young people and families.


If you know the specifications of your laptops these are our minimum requirements

(if you’re not sure, bring it along and we’ll do our best):


·      64-bit, 2 GHz, dual-core processor.

·      4 GB RAM (but 2 GB can work)

·      25 GB of hard-drive space.

·      VGA capable of 1024×768 screen resolution.

·      A USB port for the installer media.


What we do with the donated laptop

We will not: 

·      use your details for any purpose other than proving the device was received in good faith our Data Policy can be found here


We Will:

·      Clean your laptop physically with alcohol gel

·      Wipe all data from the laptop;

·      Make sure you have any data you want on a back up before handing the device over

·      If the device is an ex-corporate laptop, please make sure you have complied with your organisation’s Data Protection Policy on erasing sensitive data from the laptop before you bring it to us

·      Install a new operating system if needed

·      Install new software packages (Chrome, Firefox, LibreOffice, Zoom, etc)

·      Distribute it to vulnerable young people and families via our trusted partners

·      Please note: Laptops cannot be returned to you, they are being donated in good faith to vulnerable young people and families in and around Leicester.


Please note: Assyst Media is supporting the education of young people, we will not re-sell / lease or otherwise profit from your donated equipment.


Please note:


·      We cannot accept equipment that is broken or damaged, or unsafe

·      We cannot accept laptops without power leads

·      We cannot accept power leads that are frayed or damaged

·      If you have set the BIOS password, we will need that also (this is mainly for ex-corporate laptops; if you’re not sure what a BIOS password is, you should be ok)

·      We cannot accept desktops, tablets, or other items of gadgetry at this time

·      Thank you so much for your support.


If your laptop  starts up, has a power supply and is under 10 years old, donate it to us and we will ensure a child will be helped.

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